What do you wish for ?

If you were in a situation where you could wish for any thing in the world Do you really know what you would wish for? 

please comment!   😀



Yesterday I and my family went to the Pensecola beach and we had a lot of fun we also got to see the Blue Angels on their practice run it was super cool. One time one of them was so close my brother saw the pilot! Also on the way home a hawk was flying over the bridge that we were on and it had a live fish in it’s claws! Then the hawk dropped it right as we went under it and the fish dropped on the road (poor fish) and was flapping around as cars zoomed out of the way! it was an amazing sight, I don’t know what happened to the fish but it would’ve been pretty cool if after all that the fish survived 🙂 well I’ll keep you posted if anything else exciting happens on my weekend bye. ;-D



ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThis is my cat Bitsy the first

pictures are of her when she was just a baby and then the next pictures  of her are more recent. Hope you like them!


In answer to Word Press’ question the thing I would miss most would be my family but if your talking about the actual earth then I think I would miss flowers the most.